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Holy merciful heaven above I've been busy....

okay well...I know I'm going to look back at that statement once our baby is born and think...HAHAHAH YOU FOOL ....YOU HAD IT MADE!  but... Life is relative to the experiences you've had in the past and untouchable by those you'll have in the future!! So not only are Elizabeth and I having a baby..but we also bought a house.... a nice 42 year old 4 bedroom bungalow here in Charlottetown, nice corner lot..big backyard..big frontyard...two big trees in the backyard perfect for future Swing Installation, a finished basement for the family room, nice hardwood floors in the upstairs living room and hallways...a garage...2 car's awesome...we love it...we love it ...we love it... but....the basement was tres 70's complete with Orange Shaggy carpet, newspaper wallpaper and darker than you can imagine...even with the fake window..I'm talking shutters that when you opened you saw concrete and a flouresent light....the subfloor in the basement was also like a