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The Guitar

I have a confession to make.  I lied when talking  on   +CBC News  about what inspired the idea to give a perfectly good electric bass away to someone. It wasn't sitting there thinking about what to give my kids for Christmas that inspired the flashback of me 20 years ago when I got my first bass.  It was a lie. What really inspired it was a beautiful sunburst 2003 American Standard +Fender Guitars  Stratocaster that I purchased on November 25th 2011.   Its story was too fresh an open wound to discuss publicly when doing the interviews.  I'm ready now. My mother died in October 2011 only four months after being diagnosed with cancer. It wasn't the best time in my life to say the least. Many things that occupied my daily stream of brainpower, previous to my mothers diagnosis, seemed to fade in priority and many things which I had forgotten about bubbled to the surface in clear picture and sound, screaming at me like bright sunshine exploding in a dark room after o

The Bass and the Investment

My goal was to find someone deserving for my bass .  I did.  He's happy.  I'm happy.  Awesome. I published the blog on a Friday around 5pm. Around 7pm that night I had my first response. It was Sean's mother Kerry saying "I do know someone [that could use the bass], my son Sean" and she explained why. Sean "was in band at Birchwood for a while and played the trombone but because of his heart surgeries lately he had to sadly give it up cause he couldn't hold the breath long enough to play."  Born with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease), he's made several trips to the IWK  since he was an infant. Check out a couple of really nice online versions of his story. I truly didn't expect this bass giveaway to balloon like it did - both in the response from people and from the media.   Jocelyne Lloyd from the Guardian said a great thing