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My Big Brother story

Growing up I was often curious about Big Brothers, Big Sisters , but when I considered it I always assumed I wouldn’t have anything to offer. When I found out that a friend of mine, who was younger than I, was involved in BBBS I thought “If he can do it, why can’t I?” but still I put it off always saying “I’m too busy”. When I eventually came to my senses and contacted BBBS to go through the screening process I was struck by how much the people that worked there cared about what they were doing . I didn’t really understand then. I do now. I was matched to a little brother - 11 or 12 years old. They gave me a little bit about his background; he had taken some guitar lessons, which was good as I am a musician. Our first meeting - I panicked - I had no idea what we’d do . I wasn’t very good at entertaining kids. I think we sat in my living room and just talked. I showed him my electric bass and acoustic guitar. He strummed all strings wide open and made up songs. Cool. But still ov