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I've waited for over 20 years...

I became a hockey fan early in my life...probably around 4 or 5.  My dad was a hockey fan.  So I was one too. My first favourite team was the Philadephia Flyers.  Why?  Because they had a player name Darrell Sittler and even though he spelled his name wrong, it was my first connection to the NHL: that guy with the puck, scoring the goal, has the same name as me.  It was magic.  My dad, seeing my newfound love of hockey, helped me out by buying me hockey cards which I taped onto the back of record covers and then lined my walls with them.  How many rookie cards did I scotch tape to an album cover only to later have them torn and thrown out.  What would they be worth now?  More in sentiment because they were given to me by my father but still...they'd be worth a penny or two. He also bought me hockey pucks.  I had every hockey puck from every NHL team there was. I remember them proudly displayed on a shelf in my room.  I was 6.  All these years later I only have one puck left -