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Hospital Tour

So tonight we had our hospital tour...I know it seems late as Elizabeth is due in 3 weeks but I missed the original tour in December because I was doing the Dinner Theatre... I'm so glad I went on the tour because...well...on the way to the hospital I realized....when we're in Labour...I have no idea where to drop Elizabeth off and where to park.  I realized I was faced with two choices...Emergency and the Front Door... Emergency seemed the obvious choice as "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY...THERE'S A SMALL HUMAN TRYING TO CLAW IT'S WAY OUT OF MY WIFE!!!" But...I learned I was wrong. Seems I have to drop Elizabeth off at the front door ( okay well I could park first and make her walk but I'm not that stupid ), get her to Labour and Delivery, go to admitting to make sure she's signed in alright, and then go park the car and then run back to Labour and Delivery. I mean COME ON...where the hell is the Labour and Delivery Valet Service...I know it's PEI but for

sigh...the house is done....

Well....on September 17th we started ripping things apart in our new house in order to renovate... we started soooooo much at once.... Kitchen: Ripped out old wall oven and counter burner, cut hole for new stove, cut hole for new dishwasher, installed both, repainted the cupboards inside and out, painted the walls, new lights, new flooring ( done by Kent Stewart...I didn't want to screw that up! ) , etc.. Livingroom: painted the walls, installed new curtain rods/curtains Master Bedroom: painted walls an awesome blue, new carpet ( first time carpeting...took me 5 hours ) Baby G's room: painted walls an awesome light blue ( no we dont' know if we're having a boy ), new carpet..took less time... Elizabeth's Office: painted walls an awesome lime green, carpet...took even less time... Hit rut because doors wouldn't fit back on because of new carpet...had to cut them...then couldn't find the pins...doh..bought new ones...all good... Basement: stripped old