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A Bassic Christmas Story

28 years ago. I was just shy of 14 when I first started playing bass at Birchwood Junior High.  I loved it so much that I sold my Nintendo and begged my parents to return the video game they had gotten me for Christmas so I could subsidize my first electric bass purchase. It was a cheap used bass, but I loved it.  We didn't have a lot of money, and I couldn't afford an amplifier so my dad rewired one of those old grey "boomboxes" so I could plug my bass in and hear myself. The next fall I was at Colonel Grey in the concert band and intermediate jazz band and my life was full of music--amazing!  Music was pretty much all I did.  For Christmas that year, I knew my friend was getting a brand new electric bass, and though I was happy for him, I was pretty jealous.  I didn't have the money for a new bass and my parents did their best but didn't have a lot of extra money lying around. Christmas morning I woke up really early, I couldn't sleep so I went downs