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Chain Driven

13 years ago this August I was walking down the streets of Summerside after a dinner theatre performance at the Brother's Two on the way for some drinks with the cast and friends. I was about to cross a street and the light turned red....I stopped....and waited. Just before the light turned green I looked down at the ground and there was a gold chain at my feet. I picked it up - it was a simple box-link chain and an even more simple golden cross. I instantly had this feeling like it was left there for me. You see, the night before I had this horrible dream and foreshadowing of my father's death. Perhaps my mind was on red alert. I pondered just leaving it there so it could be found by its rightful owner but, no one was around so I pocketed it and carried on for my drinks and all but forgot about it for the rest of the evening. The next morning as I got dressed I went to my dresser where the contents of my pockets lay from the night before and there was the chain. Witho

Back to bassics

I used to write all the time in my late teens and early twenties - in journals, on scraps of paper, on the margins of text books, in scribblers, in binders, on loose-leaf, on exam booklets, and then on the computer saved nicely in word files - writings....word rants, songs, poems, stories, ventings, angerings, lovings, likings, stuff, deep stuff, important stuff, silly stuff, starts of screen plays, eventual hit songs, love letters - lonnnnnnng love letters, little silly notes, expressions and explanations of actions, feelings, thoughts, desires.... you get the picture. and then I stopped for a while.  I was tired of words.  I didn't have anything to say.  I stopped writing songs.  I stopped writing poems.  I stopped creating movie ideas.  I stopped writing book ideas. Then about 8 years ago I got into the web game, comparatively late - and while I was living in Calgary in 2005 I created my own blog from scratch as a small project for additions to websites I was building for