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New CD with Stephanie Cadman

Unleashed In the fall of 2004, I was part of an awesome recording project with Stephanie Cadman. She recorded a 5 song EP titled "Unleashed" for which Mike Ross, Kirk White, and I recorded the rhythm section tracks. Over the past year she sold quite a few copies and she decided to record 5 more tracks, combine the two sets of tracks and release a full length CD of the same title. So this past fall of 2005 Mike, Kirk, and I drove out to Gordon Belsher's Guernsey Cove Parlour Productions recording studio and layed down the 2nd installment of tracks. It's celtic music. But it's different. Stephanie has all the makings of a great traditional fiddler and Mike, Kirk, and I infuse our brand of celtic rock, funk, groove music behind her. It's an exciting result and if you have Real Player you can hear for yourself.