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Music Therapy is Amazing!! and not just because I'm married to a music therapist!

Yes my wife Elizabeth is a music therapist and some might call me biased ( or following strict orders ) by saying that but....Music Therapy really is amazing! I have heard Elizabeth talk and write about music therapy for a number of years now, trying to explain what it is to people, and writing papers for university, accreditation files and ethical dilemnas for internships, and now proposals for starting her own Music Therpy PEI business ( ).  It's one thing to hear about it and read about's another thing to see it!  I had the pleasure of seeing her practice twice. I once had the pleasure of observing her practicing Music Therapy during two of her sessions for her 6th month internship at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto.  It was wonderful to see my then fiancee practicing her craft and to see that she really was good at it!  The first group were general incare patients at Baycrest, and many of these elderly suffered from Alzheimer&#

So glad I'm not in Highschool anymore

I am SO glad I'm not in highschool anymore!  This morning I went with Elizabeth to drop her off to her session ( yes, this time I knew which quadrant I was I wasn't driving...ha ).  I went to 'the walmart' to pick up a small CD flip case to put DVDs in for my train ride home to PEI on May 25th.  Okay I dygress...that has nothing to do with Highschool...I don't there was even a walmart...sorry.... the walmart when I was in Highschool...okay...dygressing again... So I finished early and I went back to the Highschool where Elizabeth was doing her session.  I sat in the parking lot with the windows down, damn nice day today, listening very loudly to Nellie MacKay ( check her out if you haven't  ).  So, as the highschool 'kids' were getting out of class and heading to their cars they would hear this loudish music coming from my car and they would stare and me with that glaring 'I'm in highschool and you're weird

Blog n' Damn Quadrant Grid System!!!

Welcome to my Blog!  Funny thing is...I don't even really know what Blog means!  I know the concept, I know what it does, I know it's purpose, but...well...I don't know where the word Blog came from?  Is it some random word, or does it mean something? Sort of like  "G...that's one Blob of words, G!  It's so wordy it's like a Blog!"  Cheesy! I used to write a lot.  Especially from Grade 10 to the end of my university degree.  I'd write in journals, poems, lyrics, letters, essays, papers, tests, etc, etc. and well, besides the academic categories, writing was a major release for me. Since becomming a web programmer I've stopped.  I spend so much time in front of the computer writing code that writing my thoughts seems like more work rather than a release, which is too bad.  The Blog Idea was in the back of my head since building my website.  But I was never sure if anyone would want to read my writings.  But then I thought....wh