Blog n' Damn Quadrant Grid System!!!

Welcome to my Blog! 

Funny thing is...I don't even really know what Blog means!  I know the concept, I know what it does, I know it's purpose, but...well...I don't know where the word Blog came from?  Is it some random word, or does it mean something? Sort of like  "G...that's one Blob of words, G!  It's so wordy it's like a Blog!"  Cheesy! I used to write a lot.  Especially from Grade 10 to the end of my university degree.  I'd write in journals, poems, lyrics, letters, essays, papers, tests, etc, etc. and well, besides the academic categories, writing was a major release for me. Since becomming a web programmer I've stopped.  I spend so much time in front of the computer writing code that writing my thoughts seems like more work rather than a release, which is too bad. 
The Blog Idea was in the back of my head since building my website.  But I was never sure if anyone would want to read my writings.  But then I thought....what the hell!  ( Also, I'm trying to put together the best package of Website features for selling purposes.  I knew a blog feature would be popular, so here I am testing it out! )

So, tonight Elizabeth and I decided to get Limony Stecckets, or whatever the hell that movie is called...the one with Jim Carrey..Unfortunate something or other!  She decided to stay here while I drove to the Blockbuster on 17th Ave here in Calgary to get the movie.  But here's the thing...I hardly drive in Calgary.  Elizabeth does most of the driving since she drives everywhere for her work - I walk or take the bus!  Anyway...for those of you who don't know...Calgary streets are 90% a Grid know...streets go North and South and Avenues go East and West.  But on top of that it's also a quadrant system for every address there are basically two - four possibilities.  Let's take 5th and 17th?  Is that 5th Street and 17th Ave? or vice versa?  oh which quadrant is that?  is it south or north?  South West or South East? North East or North West?  Confused..yeah...sometimes it is if you don't pay attention. 

So there are two blockbusters that we go to on 17th Ave South West.  One close to 6th Street and one close to 12th Street.  Tonight I looked up the phone numbers, saw the Blockbuster - 5017 17th Ave and called that one - they had stemony lickinets in - so I reserved it...headed to the one close to 6th street, waited in an ungodly line and said "Hi, I reserved Jiminey Crickets on DVD"  and he said, you didn't...I argued...said I called 10 mins ago...he said...oh...maybe you called the blockbuster down the road.....

Fine.... so I drove down there...waited in another ungodly saturday night lineup...and said "Hi, I reserved letamee frickets on DVD" , Again...the guy...well..the different guy, you didn't....and I was so confused and frustrated by this point I couldn't even comprehend what was going on...ya see...sometimes I still think I'm on PEI...and besides that...I spend most of my time in Calgary in the Southwest where we sometimes I forget that there's a Southeast, and a North West..and a North East...poor forgotten quadrants...So yeah...I had called the Blockbuster on 17th Avenue alright...but the one in the SouthEast....I could have been two minutes up the road but I was too damn frustrated at myself to care I drove home.

No Gettame Tickets tonight! 

Maybe another day, another Quadrant!


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