Acadian Meat Pie (Pâté)

While growing up, it seemed that at some point every December my house would be filled with the most amazing smell - my mom making her Acadian Meat Pie (Pâté).

It was so good - heated up, cold, plain, with molasses, with ketchup, whatever... it was so so good.  She was so good at it that for a long time that's what she would give her sisters for Christmas each year - and it's all they wanted from her.

I can remember many Christmases helping her with the preparation: cutting the meats, dicing the onions, etc, and then over the next few weeks sneaking into the fridge with a knife..sawing off another piece and drifting off to savory heaven.  Delicious.

Fast forward to 2011 and my mom dies of cancer - the first Christmas afterwards was of course pretty difficult.  Seems selfish, seems petty but I sure did miss that meat pie...and um...yeah her too of course. :)

Survived that first Christmas and then heading towards Christmas of 2012 I thought I would try to make her meat pie.  Went through all of her recipes and could not find it.  Checked with all of my sisters and could not find it.  <insert sad face>

5 years goes by and I show up at a family party and there it is: Acadian Meat Pie! My aunt found the recipe and gave it to my sister!  Yay!

During my vacation this year I took a day and made a gluten free version

My Instagram Meat Pie Post

Here it is for you - enjoy!

Mom’s meat pie (Pâté) recipe

  • 4 lbs chicken
  • 3 lbs pork
  • 2 c water
  • 3 large diced onion
  • pepper/salt
  • Summer savory

Bring all about to boil, simmer for 3 - 4 ½ hours - mix meat, etc


  • 8 C flour
  • For Gluten Free do 6 cups of Gluten Free flour and add tablespoon of Baking Powder and teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • 3 C lukewarm water
  • 2 pkg dry yeast
  • ½ c shortening
  • 4 t Salt

Dissolve yeast, add to the 3 C water and also salt and shortening, mix well.  
Add flour - knead 10 min
Let rise
Punch down & rest 15 min

Roll out dough ¼ inch thick.  Line pan w/ parchment paper, add meat.
Top with dough.
Let rise 20 min

450 degrees  → golden brown


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