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I'll keep it short...I'll keep it simple...I'm going to be....

....A Father! Elizabeth and I are having a baby...well Elizabeth is...but you know what I mean WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Deryl, Elizabeth & Baby

I Take it for Granted

Ya know what I take for granted...and I'm sure you do too... the sky It's incredible. I'm sitting in the outdoor courtyard of Mavor's using my computer..and my neck was sore so I leaned back in my chair and stretched my neck so I was staring straight up at the sky..and it's bluer than you can imagine and there are this whisps of clouds slowly moving..they look like the rippled waves of sand left behind after the tide moves out...but slowly moving across that amazing blue sky... I looked at this...for a good minute straight....I probably looked weird but I didn't care...I had this moment...this...I went back to being a 4 year old and looking at the sky thinking..."what's the sky made of?!" - I know what the sky is "made" of, or rather what causes the appearance of this blue seemingly tangible blanket that covers us during the day and strangely disappears at night, but's's's

Pennies from Anne's Bass Player

Today during the matinee of Anne of Green Gables ( which btw...Heather MacGuigan filled in for Jenny Toulmin today and kicked ass! ) ...that's gotta be the world's quickest digression... there I go again... during Anne of Green Gables ( which was sold people were sitting in the front row )'s important to the really is...because ya see...where my head is  in "The Pit" is about foot level with those people in the front row....and well..there was this girl...( well I assume she was a girl...she was wearing girlie offense to the guy who may have been wearing the very feminine sandals ) ..there was this girl sticking the front part of her sandals in the crack between the floor and the barrier between the front row and the pit...enough so that about 2-3 inches of her sandals were about 18 inches from me....and was distracting...I'm sitting there trying to

Nightmare II

I forgot about one of the worse nightmares I had....that unfortunately came true.  In 1998 I was on top of life.  I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship, was feeling quite good and free and I'd been hired by Feast Dinner Theatres and was doing a show in Summerside at the Brother's two all summer.  Near the end of the summer, a few weeks before September, I had this dream... In slow motion....I was walking down Euston Street in Charlottetown towards Victoria Park.  As Euston turned into Brighton I started to pass Prince Edward Home.  Something made me walk up to the front of the building, though I did not know why.  ( At this time in my life I had never actually set foot inside this place ).  In slow motion...I walked up the steps, through the front door...Nurses were staring at me in pity...I walked to the end of the front foyer.  In slow motion...I turned right to go down the hallway...passed room, upon room, of people on their deathbeds.  In slow motion I saw someon