I Take it for Granted

Ya know what I take for granted...and I'm sure you do too...

the sky

It's incredible. I'm sitting in the outdoor courtyard of Mavor's using my computer..and my neck was sore so I leaned back in my chair and stretched my neck so I was staring straight up at the sky..and it's bluer than you can imagine and there are this whisps of clouds slowly moving..they look like the rippled waves of sand left behind after the tide moves out...but slowly moving across that amazing blue sky...

I looked at this...for a good minute straight....I probably looked weird but I didn't care...I had this moment...this...I went back to being a 4 year old and looking at the sky thinking..."what's the sky made of?!" - I know what the sky is "made" of, or rather what causes the appearance of this blue seemingly tangible blanket that covers us during the day and strangely disappears at night, but ...wow...it's amazing...it's beautiful...it's haunting...it's heavenly...it's God-like ..it's..everything...incredible...peaceful... blue

I love it

I love this moment

I've been alone for over two months now.  and this is the first moment that I haven't really minded.
Of course this could be because I know my wife is getting closer to me every minute of the day driving closer and closer to PEI from Calgary.  I can't wait until Sunday. When I won't need a sky to make me feel this way.  Just her hand, her face, her smile.  I can't wait. I miss her and I can't possibly put it into words.

I'll just go and enjoy the sky


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