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Takes age to hear a who, Horton

It's my birthday today. 35. More than twice 17. I'm two 17 year old lives ... And that's pretty much true. Life before 17 life after. Everything before 17 was pretty dismal. Like an old car in a PEI February I took a while to start. 17 was tough actually. That year I remember things just being hard. From October of 94 to October of 95 I went from high school to university ...had first girlfriend... First car.... Things that should have been awesome but everything felt arduous. Laborious. Not-glorious. Pretty much the only consistent in my life ....was coffee. I love coffee. It all started when I was 6. My dad was building a flat bed trailer, he didn't need, in the backyard as all normal fathers do. I was his helper. Held boards. Fetched nails. Handed him his hammer. Having a 6 year old now I understand the importance of this helper and I see in Jacob the eager helper I was. Yes I will go measure this board with the measuring tape for no explainable