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Take care

Palliative care - it's a beautiful place. It's not the curtains, the nice pictures on the wall, the items with little gold plaques in memory of, the flatscreen TV, or the free coffee and snacks, or the free wifi, or any material thing in here. Yes, they all help.... the patient and the family. But it's the idea of care.... that is beautiful. It's not about "you didn't take care of yourself now let's try to fix". It's the comfort that is beautiful. It's not about suffering unnecessarily. It's about love and respect of the human form in what may or may not be its last days. It's about allowing a family to take over the kitchen and make pico de gallo with the tomatoes from my mother's home garden. A story that will be told for years. Remember the time.....? It's about allowing a family full of kids and sisters and grand-kids to stay until 10pm laughing and screaming and accidentally hitting the nurse call button...remember th