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A Beating Heart

I have four kids now.  wow.  it's true.  I guess not many families are going for 3,4,+ kids these days because Elizabeth and I usually get that open jawed "four?!?!" look from people a lot when either we meet someone on the street we haven't talked to in a long time, or just general strangers talking to us about our beautiful kids. ( yes we're blessed with 4 crazily beautiful children and people have convinced us enough that they really really are extraordinarily beautiful to the point where strangers stop us to comment ....I'm not bragging .. this is just fact that we're relaying from our friends. ahem...ok maybe bragging a little.  ). After the fact that we have four kids settles in, many people will ask .. no.. not ask.. comment as if they know something we should but don't....  "So you must be done?"  or .. "so this is it then?" ... and it always makes me laugh when either of us say "probably not... we want more" and