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What if a crocodile....

I loooovvvve silly talking with my kids.  Sometimes they'll say something completely bizarre and I'll go along with it or make up crazy stories that make them hang onto every word I say.   I also love my kids' imagination and seeing how creative they can be.  Never ceases to amaze me.   Waiting for the bus one day... My five year old daughter Sophie out of the blue asked me a question that led to an interesting conversation.   She asked me a silly question ... one that I could have answered with "well that's not possible" ... or "that will never happen" ... sometimes I actually do remember that to them anything still is possible ... they haven't been adultized yet... so she asked me a question and I answered ..she asked another question and I answered... it only lasted a few minutes but it was an awesome few minutes that made us both laugh.   Sophie : DADDY..... What if a crocodile GOT me? Daddy : I'd save you. Sophie : How