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Fat Chicks

This is a letter to the two fat chicks trying to run today at Odell Park in Fredericton, New Brunswick.... Whoa....before you think I'm a horrible person and call on the lynch mob...let me explain. I'm away from home at the Harvest Jazz and Blues festival this week and this week marks 4 months since I decided to take my health into my own hands. Thanks to help from Simply For Life I have an awesome new manageable lifestyle. I eat healthy. I eat smart. I eat sensible portions. And in general the food I eat is waaaaayyy better, way tastier, more enjoyable to eat and..bonus...I feel better and I've lost just about 30 pounds in 4 months. Thirty! I have probably another 30 or more to go but for the first time in my life that seems possible... attainable... Eventual. I'm a busy father of 5 awesome kids, I work full time at a desk job, I also teach music at a college and play bass professionally.  My life is busy. I always assumed I was too busy to take care of my h

My Getting Healthy Plan (do as I say, not as I do)

Hi Deryl and friends.... ( yes I'm talking to myself..and maybe you? ) me...healthy I was going through some old files in Google drive and I found something... something I wrote when I was losing weight quite easily ( 30 pounds in 3 months ) at my former workplace during a Biggest Loser competetion... I was using a combination of the GI diet and exercise ( eat well and exercise... COMPLEX STUFF PEOPLE.....COM...PLEX... ) and well... knowing that I'd probably eventually slip up ( and I did ..gaining back at one point 25 of those 30 pounds, becoming a type II diabetic, etc, etc ) I wrote myself a  cheatsheet  of "how to do it again.." ....  there are books and books about this stuff... pages and pages devoted to it all... here's the coles notes of my past success..  Mind Literally the mind either makes you do it… or prevents you from doing it. This is the biggest struggle..the biggest hurdle. Idea You need an idea…. an idea of why you’re